Hold Up! Who Said Children Need A Lady Gaga Doll?

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Lady Gaga is in a bit of legal trouble. The controversial musician is being sued by MGA Entertainment for $10 million. Apparently, the pop star agreed to let MGA create a Lady Gaga toy doll for kids, just in time for the holidays. I guess the diva didn’t like all of Justin Bieber‘s toy success last Christmas and wanted to get in on the market. So this year, she was going to have her own.

Unfortunately, Gaga and MGA don’t seem to agree on much about the doll. Gaga rejected the toy, asking that it be more “supermodel-like.” Then, she wanted the voice chip removed. The toy’s manufacturers and distributors say that the diva acted in bad faith, and they would like to be repaid money lost from having to hold production on the toy, and also to release it as-planned for the holidays this year.

There’s more legal issues at this point, but I had to stop reading. My mind could not get past why on earth a parent would want their child to have a Lady Gaga doll? Even better, a “supermodel-like” Lady Gaga doll. I hope my daughter never comes within a mile of that thing!

Don’t get me wrong, Gaga has done a great job speaking about against bullying. She seems like a very accepting individual who wants everyone to love themselves. That’s an admirable goal. But that is not the only aspect of Gaga’s image. She also likes to wear dominatrix-style see-through lingerie in public. She also sings lyrics like this, from one of her admittedly most controversial songs, Judas:

“In the most biblical sense, I am beyond repentance

Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind

But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense

Judas kiss me if offense, don’t wear your condom next time”

I have an issue with children idolizing celebrities in general, but there is simply no reason that kids need to be playing like Lady Gaga. Toy dolls are not for teen fans who are at least old enough to understand the context of the lyrics and differentiate between what’s right and wrong in real life. They can handle the sexy image and explicit lyrics.

Young kids, the kind that play with dolls, are not the same. They are not capable of distinguishing between the image Lady Gaga presents as a performer and reality. This is the same reason why Katy Perry is out-of-line marketing herself to children to promote her new movie.

Pop stars have a place in our culture. That place is not in the toy boxes of young kids. I don’t care about the legal drama behind it, I’m really hoping that the Lady Gaga doll never meets the light of day. If it does, I guarantee that this is one toy you won’t find anywhere near my Christmas tree.

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