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Lady Blogger Slams Mommy Bloggers For Blogging About Mommy Stuff On Their Blogs

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Once upon a time there was no Internet. When my first son was born, 16 years ago, I didn’t even have a computer. I got my first computer a year after his birth and all I used it for was sending emails to the only other person I knew who had a computer, which was my sister. I don’t even think the emails we exchanged were that lengthy because the computer was slow and confusing and it took me a long time to get used to it. When I had a question about raising my son, whether it be about behavioral issues or milestones or the best way to deal with an infant with a cold, I either called my mom or read one of the numerous baby books I had. I couldn’t google or ask questions on a message board or blog about my kid. Which is why I’m so thankful that so many moms today use the internet and write so extensively, here at Mommyish and elsewhere, about kids and raising kids and being parents and everything involved with this wonderful and maddening universe of child-raising. But not everyone shares my enthusiasm for parents writing about parenting stuff, like Hayler Rafner, a self-proclaimed ” sassy betch, sarcastic asshole and self-proclaimed pop culture whore” from The Daily Hayley writes about how she received a request at her internship job to research mommy blogs and how even though she thought it would be an “impossible task” she searched google and found many mommy blogs. And she did not care for them.

Mom blog after mom blog, I found myself with a growing hatred for moms everywhere. There’s something about new- wave mothers with Internet access and a quirky head shot that makes me want to deliver multiple swift punches to their throats.

This unique look into the world of mommy bloggers was jarring. To believe that the world of hipsters and Instagram filters was unique to only kids of our generation was naïve because, now, kids of our generation are the moms making these blogs.

These women—who I can only assume are stay at home moms because who has time to sit and make blogs about baby wipes all day—sit in front of their flip cameras and tell readers about all the things moms everywhere are dying to hear. What kind of diapers are the most stylish? How can you bedazzle your baby? How can you get your husband to love carrying around a Baby Bjorn? All of the blogs I came across were mommy- centric, but a few took a turn at multitasking.

Now, before we get too pissy at Miss Rafner for wanting to punch all of us mommies who write about being mommies in the throat, we need to remember that Rafner is a baby herself, in another article she wrote she claims she is “almost 22” and The Daily Aztec is a college newspaper. Scanning her articles and Twitter feed, she loves her family, The Kardashians, Christina Aguilera and egg nog. All perfectly normal things for almost-22-year-old girls to like. And I’m sort of happy that Haley doesn’t like mommy blogs, because at her age she obviously isn’t ready to become a mommy herself.

But I do know one thing, if Haley ever does decide to become a parent, she will be amazingly thankful to all of the “new-wave mothers” out here writing about diaper wipes and Baby Bjorns. When she is awake at three a.m, trying to soothe a colicky infant or her child is running a low-grade temp on a Sunday morning, she will have an entire village of mommy-bloggers all too ready to offer advice and support. And we won’t even want to punch her in the throat.

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