Popular YouTubers Exploit Daughter’s Pain Over Losing Her Puppy In Cruel Prank

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LaBrant Family

Image: YouTube / The LaBrant Fam

We can all agree that April Fool’s Day is the worst, right? Why do we have an entire day dedicated to tricking people? Don’t we have enough lies and trickery on every other day?! It used to be that April Fool’s Day was full of little pranks played on the people we love. Rubber snakes in the toilet. Salt in the sugar jar. You know, harmless stuff that might get a few laughs! But now, thanks to the internet, it’s a whole big, stupid thing. Pranks need to be elaborate and cruel, apparently. If you’re an adult and you want to do that to another consenting adult, go nuts, we suppose. But when you prank your young child, then share their pain on social media for likes? You’ve crossed a line. Popular YouTubers the LaBrant Fam are learning that lesson the hard way after their misguided “prank”.

The LaBrant Fam has a massive following on social media. And the backlash over their cruel April Fool’s Day prank on 6-year-old Everleigh was swift.

The video, titled “We Have to Give Our Puppy Away… Saying Goodbye Forever :(“, shows mom Sav telling Everleigh that they have to give her puppy Carl away. Sav tells the little girl that they don’t have time to care for him properly. Sav and Cole even offer to let Everleigh pick his new family, which … WTF. Everleigh is clearly devastated, crying and clinging to Carl while her parents tell her he has to go. This excruciating exchange goes on for several minutes before they let Everleigh in on the joke. San leans over and whispers, “April Fools!”, which apparently a 6-year-old is supposed to understand? She starts to cry even more, burying her face in the couch while her idiot parents snicker over their HERRRRDERRRR so funny prank. Cole then asks the camera, “Too far?”. Yes, you numpty. TOO FAR.

Fans were not here for this prank at the expense of an innocent little girl. Pro-tip: do not, under any circumstances, exploit your child’s pain for views and likes.

The LaBrant Fam markets themselves as a wholesome, Jesus-loving family. One that happens to monetize and exploit every single aspect of their daughters’ childhoods. Plenty of what they post is problematic, but this particular video crosses the line in so many ways. We should also note that this is not the first time the family has received backlash for one of their dumb videos. Last summer, they were accused of faking a wildfire evacuation during the Holy Fire, which burned more than 22,000 acres in Southern California. Anything for the tube, we guess.

We’re ready for when this whole YouTuber family thing ceases to exist. There’s something so wrong with staging and monetizing your child’s entire life. Sharing your life is one thing; inflicting emotional pain on your kids and then sharing it with millions of people is quite another.