10 Labor Day Food Items We Need In Our Mouths Right Now

55516ada90ce50a1b28602f21379f3e9As the Eve Death Cold September 2013â„¢ continues, my STUPID family has left me. They went to an outdoor festival with food because I am sick and working. I am all alone. Are you crying? I am crying. I am also crying because I have zero energy to make any of these things and I want them all. I hope you all are enjoying a fun filled Labor Day and eating/drinking all these sorts of things. I’m totally going to reschedule my Labor Day for next weekend and make some of these, especially the cocktails. What are you guys doing? Are you still in your pajamas on the sofa like me and sending your spouse texts that read “Bring me soup or I will hate youuuuu foreverrrrr” or are you all at the beach? What are you eating? I need to know these things!

The Labor Day Lounger

5eaff4efbad00fcbf590d0936dccf04e(Image: Allparenting)

The Labor Day lounger recipe includes blood orange juice and jalapeño liquor. I need this, now.

 Patriotic Mini Star Cakes 

96622aa53eaa27c684da021705a7276eHow adorable is this from Bird On A Cake?

Garlic Knots 

food-game-day-12From Just A taste, the recipe reads so easy and I will for sure be making these when I finally get off my sofa. Plus, you can use store bought pizza dough.

 Lime Buttered Grilled Bread 


(Pinned by Rachel Ray)

I am sensing a theme with how I want to spend my Labor Day, which is I basically just want a mess of booze and bread.

Pistachio Pudding Shots  

Pistachio Pudding Shots

UGH I think I have found my new favorite food blog in the Jelly Shot test kitchen. The people behind Jelly Shot even have a book. Someone needs to make these and bring these over right now. They have pudding and vodka in them!

Burger Cupcakes  

c987e518e45c4675909c6db6012c360b(Image: Pinterest)

These are pretty much the cutest ever. Bakerella has a tutorial on her amazing blog. 

 Vegan Sloppy Joes 


From Vegan Yack Attack, this vegetarian take on good ‘ol sloppy joe’s looks amazing.

 And For You Non-Vegetarians

094a2650cce0c9624bae36838207f0adBloody Mary skirt steak from Fast Food To Fresh Food.

This Gorgeous Watermelon Basil Salad 


From This Lovely Little Day. Just four ingredients? Count me in.

Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispie Popsicles 

3993a985d209e3b4ec10133341ad93aaFrom Twig and Thistle, I need these. Now.

How are you guys celebrating and more importantly, what are you eating? I am so hungry.

(Image: Soyons Suave)

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