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Kylie Jenner Introduces the World to Stormi Webster

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Well, we knew the kid wasn’t going to be named Ashley or some shit. Kylie Jenner posted the first glimpse of her new baby girl yesterday, and along with it, we got a name! And it’s … quite a name. Kylie and Travis Scott named their daughter Stormi. Stormi Webster. When you have cousins named North, Saint, Chicago, Dream, and Reign, I suppose Stormi is pretty normal? It’s also, uh, pretty topical at the moment.

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Kylie Jenner posted the cute picture of Stormi on Instagram. She later edited the caption to include the baby’s last name.

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stormi webster ??

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A lot of people were wondering if the baby would take the famous Jenner name. But turns out, they went with dad’s last name. And Travis Scott’s name isn’t actually Travis Scott. The rapper was born Jacques Webster. He chose Travis Scott as his stage name in honor of his favorite uncle.

So far, we don’t know what the inspiration was behind Stormi. It’s a little odd, considering a certain other Stormy has been in the news lately. People are wondering if maybe Kylie missed the news during her pregnancy sabbatical.

There was also some weird conspiracy floating around that Kylie was going to name the baby Posie, short for Mariposa, because she and Travis have matching butterfly tattoos. She was also seen sporting a butterfly necklace in her pregnancy video.

But the funniest take had to do with the weather. When you have names like Stormi, North, Chicago, and Reign, the jokes really write themselves.

Whatever the reasons behind the name, Stormi sounds like the perfect name for a little girl born to a ridiculously wealthy and famous 20-year-old young woman. I mean, when I think back to what I was sure I would name my kids when I was 20, I’m pretty sure Stormy was on the list.

Congrats Kylie, Travis, and little Stormi!

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