Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly ‘Very Torn’ Over Jordyn Woods And Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

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Image: Instagram / @jordynwoods

Alright buckle in, celeb gossip fans, because there’s a lot to unpack here. So, you guys probably remember the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal last year, right? NBA player Thompson and Khloe Kardashian were a couple expecting their first child together. Days before Khloe gave birth to daughter True, Thompson was busted cheating on her with … various women. It was a whole big thing, as you can imagine. Khloe had the baby, things seemed to blow over and/or get patched up, and that was that. Until yesterday, when another cheating scandal involving Thompson was revealed. But this one was different! The woman Thompson allegedly cheated with this time is someone very close to the family. Jordyn Woods is in thick with Kylie Jenner, and they’ve been BFF’s for years. Now, Kylie is reportedly torn over how to handle the latest drama.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have been inseparable for years. So we know this betrayal has to sting, so much.

So, here’s how it went down. Thompson was in Los Angeles over Valentine’s Day weekend to spend some time with Khloe and True (he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers). Sources say he spent the lover’s day with Khloe, but over the weekend, he attended a party without her. That’s where he reportedly snuggled way up with Jordyn Woods. Sources who were at the party say the two were all over each other and even making out. Thompson invited some revelers back to his house after that party ended, and Woods also attended the after-party.

Khloe immediately ended things with Thompson found out, and sources say there is little chance or reconciliation this time. But Kylie Jenner needed some time to come around to the fact that her best friend betrayed her and their family. Sources say she initially didn’t believe the reports, but after getting in touch with other people at the party, she’s no longer in doubt. But the question remains – what happens to their friendship now? The family apparently wasn’t surprised that Thompson got busted cheating again. But the fact that it was Jordyn Woods, someone they’re all spent time with and clearly cared about a great deal, is much harder to get over.

Khloe didn’t say much after the last time Thompson was busted. And she hasn’t released any official statement this time, either. But she is making some interesting emoji comments on posts about it.

In the comment section of an Instagram video talking about the cheating, Khloe left some shouting emojis, and her friends Larsa Pippen and her ride-or-die Malika also chimed in. Malika’s “STRONG FACTS” leaves little doubt that Khloe believes the reports. Hopefully, she’s really done with the dog this time. COME ON KHLOE!

But we certainly don’t envy what Kylie Jenner is going through right now. Finding out your sister’s boyfriend cheated on her (again) is hard. Finding out he did it with your best friend is a whole new level of heartbreak.