Kylie Jenner Put Her Lipstick Shade Named After Jordyn Woods On Sale

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Image: Instagram/@kyliejenner

Oh em gee, the shaaaaaaaaade! And we’re not talking about the color of the lipstick. Hot on the heels of the cheating allegations that have rocked the Kardashian/Jenner world, it looks like Kylie Jenner is cleaning house. To catch you up: Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods allegedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend and the father of daughter True. Phew! It’s a lot, and it’s messy. People weren’t exactly surprised by Thompson stepping out on Khloe again. But Jordyn being involved with him took things in a really ugly direction. Kylie and Jordyn have been best friends for years. They even work together, collaborating on Kylie Cosmetics products. There’s a whole Kylie x Jordyn collection, and Jordyn has a lip kit named after her. Well, she HAD one. Coincidentally, the Jordy lip kit got marked down a day or so after the scandal broke. Coincidence?

The Jordy lip kit was half-off on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

The Jordy lip kit retails for $27, which is about the price of one of Kylie’s immensely popular kits. But in the days following the scandal, eagle-eyed fans noticed something fishy. Suddenly, the Jordy lip kit price was slashed by 50%. The raspberry red lip kit is part of the Velvet collection, and up until a few days, seemed to be full price. However, when you betray your best friend, your best friend is going to retaliate, right? LOL, this is all so messy and we love it.

Turns out, it could really all be just a huge (and funny) coincidence. We don’t wear Kylie cosmetics, so we’re not in the habit of checking the site. But apparently, the Jordy lip kit was marked down in January, along with a handful of other products. Just business as usual, nothing to see here. In an interesting twist, the news was pretty good for business – the Jordy lip kit is now sold out! Come for the gossip, stay for the sale.

Kylie and Jordyn also have a makeup collection they collaborated on together.


Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods did everything together! Including collaborating on a makeup kit for Kylie Cosmetics. The Kylie x Jordyn collection is currently still available on the website. We feel like if Kylie wanted to be petty, that’d be the first thing to go? But then again, Kylie is a pretty savvy businesswoman, and she knows that all this publicity is amazing for business. So she’ll probably continue to sell the collection. But she won’t be happy about it!

We can’t wait to see what comes next in this mess. And we hope Jordyn stockpiled her Jordy lip kits while she had the chance. Doesn’t look like she’ll be getting any freebies any time soon.

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