Kristin Cavallari Won’t Be Vaccinating Because She Read Some Books And Now She’s A Doctor Apparently

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kristin cavallari

Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen, “Hills” start and quasi-celebrity Kristin Cavallari has come out as being anti-vaccination, and her reasoning behind this decision would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary. Cavallari acknowledged on Thursday, during an interview with Fox Business, that she and her husband Jay Cutler do not believe in vaccinations, saying:

“We didn’t vaccinate. I read too many books about autism and there’s studies…Now, one in 88 boys is autistic and that’s a scary statistic.”

When she was asked Friday morning during an interview with Fox & Friends to elaborate on her views, she had this to say:

“You know, it’s not something that I wanted to publicly come out and say… I was in an interview when it came up and it wasn’t what I was expecting…Listen, to each their own. I understand both sides of it. I’ve ready too many books about autism and there’s some scary statistics out there. It’s our personal choice, and, you know, if you’re really concerned about your kid get them vaccinated.”

Since when does reading a few (most likely questionable) books make you an expert on something? Especially something related to the medical field? How many books, exactly, does it take to become an expert? Are they giving out medical degrees via Kindle now?

I’m all for parents being able to make personal choices with limited judgement, but when those choices begin to effect the rest of us, they stop being personal. It’s not just a matter of pro-vax parents vaccinating their own children. There are various vaccinations can only be given at certain ages. For example, the MMR vaccine isn’t given until 12 to 15 months of age. Which means if your little snowflake gets the measles because you don’t “believe” in vaccines, you’re endangering every child under 12-15 months of age who your child comes in contact with. That seems less like a “personal choice” and more like someone who doesn’t care about anyone else’s well-being but their own children’s.