Kristin Cavallari’s New Mom Press Tour Involves Clearing Up Those Old Drug Use Rumors

kristin cavallariGuys, Kristin Cavallari is a celebrity mom with a capital ‘P’ and a capital ‘R.’ Because celebrity mommyhood is all about public relations. And this lady has taken every image-conscious step by the book. She endorsed a new product with her birth announcement. She got into the post-baby body debate. She updated us on her breastfeeding. And now, she’s clearing up some of those old less-than-maternal rumors that swirled around during her Hills years.

In a new interview with fellow professional mama Giuliana Rancic, Cavallari continued to tell the world what they already knew: that The Hills was a bunch of BS. This time, the new mom of baby Camden specifically addressed all those nasty drug rumors that were spread about her by her so-called friends on the show.

”We were in Miami for the Super Bowl. And we were there filming ”˜The Hills.’ One of the producers told the girls [my co-stars] that he would give them gifts, specifically a Birkin bag, if they had talked about me doing drugs on camera.”

Now, it’s worth saying that I have no trouble believing that smarmy reality television producers bribe their “stars” to share juicy or sometimes even false information. After all, franken-editing didn’t come out of nowhere. We all know that reality shows are full of bogusness and I’m sure The Hills was no different. Next they’ll tell me Lauren Conrad isn’t even all that nice.

That being said, Cavallari has had years to clear up those nasty drug rumors. It’s interesting that she chooses to do it now, while she’s busy talking about wanting more kids and loving motherhood. It only makes sense that she would want to denounce the scandalous elements of her past that hurt her new mommy brand.

So, what’s up next for Cavallari’s celebrity mom career? She could take the Jessica Simpson route and getting baby number two underway. She might lean more Tori Spelling, with mom blogs and reality shows. Or maybe she’s a Jessica Alba, and we’ll have a kid-themed product line in the works. We’re just going to have to wait for the next well-timed interview to find out.

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