We Have A Reason To Like Kristin Cavallari! She Slammed Tabloid’s Baby Weight Coverage

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Kristin CavallariI’ve spent years looking for a reason to like Kristin Cavallari. All that time that she was backstabbing Lauren Conrad, the years after Laguna Beach when we just had to hear about the new person she was dating every other week, the fact that she settled down with Jay Cutler, I just knew there had to be something to appreciate in there. (I’m a Colts fan guys.) Today, I found a reason to actually enjoy Kristin Cavallari’s presence in pop culture. Today, she completely shut down Us Weekly over their crappy “baby weight” coverage.

The rag published a story claiming that Cavallari has already completely shed all her baby weight, after having just given birth to her son Camden five weeks ago. Us claimed that the new mom was “working out like crazy with a trainer” and had “no problems losing the weight.”

Now, if they were taking about me, I might have let them keep going with their nonsense. I mean, who hates hearing that they had no problem losing weight? That’s like when someone you haven’t seen in a while says, “You dropped a couple lbs,” and even though the scale has been up a bit, you reply, “Yea, thanks so much!” I’m not the only one who accepts those compliments, right?

Well Kristin Cavallari was stronger than me. She didn’t accept the nonsense just because it’s fun to hear that you look great. Cavallari got back onto Twitter to clarify.

Kristin Cavallari

And just to make sure that Us Weekly got the message about their sorry reporting.

Kristin Cavallari

Really, they quoted the date of her son’s birth wrong. So nothing in their story was right at all. I think the best thing about Cavallari’s comeback is that anymore, five weeks to drop the baby weight wouldn’t even be unbelievable to most of us. We’ve seen models on the runways after nine days. Who is overly concerned with five whole weeks? And that’s the point.

The media hypes stories of extremely fast weight loss so much, that we just assume every celebrity falls into that mold. The truth is that a little over a month would be really fast to lose weight. It’s not realistic for most women. And I’m glad that Cavallari pointed that out.

So there you are my friends, a really great reason to like the mean girl from Laguna Beach. Just in case you’ve been looking.

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