Kristin Cavallari Touts The ‘I Got My Awesome Post-Baby Body From Breastfeeding’ Line

The Getting Skinny on Breastfeeding campaign just got a new unofficial spokesperson. Twenty-five-year-old Kristin Cavallari has been captured looking conventionally, and therefore enviably, tiny since giving birth to son Camden Jack. So when People stuck a metaphoric microphone in the young mother’s face about the ever fascinating “post-baby body” weight loss, she had exactly one word to say. Well, one, in addition to a few others.

The tabloid reports Kristin’s weight loss as a result of breastfeeding:

”I honestly can say I owe it all to breastfeeding,” she tells PEOPLE Tuesday. ”I read somewhere that it’s like running six miles a day. I know nursing is difficult for a lot of moms so it’s easier said than done. I eat healthy in general and I’m taking it easy in the gym and working out three to four days a week.”

This isn’t to discredit the calorie-draining effects of breastfeeding, but heading to the gym half the week could perhaps use some more airtime in that statement — not tacked on at the end like an afterthought. Luckily, she has good publicists who explicitly told her to throw formula mothers a bone with the qualifying “nursing is difficult” disclaimer lest she incite the fury of formula feeders everywhere.

But despite how Kristin is wowing even the misogynist pap with her body, she assures the publication that she’d like to do more work on herself:

”I do want to tone up my stomach a little bit more. Trust me, if you saw me I’m not ready for a bikini, let’s just put it that way,” she says with a laugh. ”I’m close, but I haven’t [lost all the weight].”

Perhaps more breastfeeding? Followed by five to six days a week of cardio, but you know, no biggie. Yay breastfeeding!

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