Ewww – Adam Brody Said Filming Sex Scenes With Pregnant Kristen Bell Was ‘Like Having A Three-Person Scene’

ng kristen bell 240113I’m a big fan of Kristen Bell. I love how open and honest she is about her pregnancy. I love her amazing reaction to birthday sloths. I love how when there is a stupid rumor about her she turns it into Twitter hilarity. And it totally creeps me out that her House Of Lies co-star Adam Brody told the following to E Online:

The mom-to-be gets steamy in the next few episodes with Adam Brody, who guest stars as the owner of an adult toy company.

“She was very pregnant,” Brody told me while promoting his indie drama, Some Girl(s), at SXSW. “I like to say it was sort of a three-person scene.”

“If it wasn’t Kristen, it would have been incredibly awkward,” he continued. “Well, it was still a little awkward, but she’s just such a warm and open friendly person.”


So yeah, ya know, compare your on-screen love scenes to having a threesome. Barf. I guess it would have been worse had he said that he was really into it or something, but  as a woman who has housed babies in her own body I sort of never thought about them actually being there when I was getting busy. Now that I think about it, when I was having sex there were other peoples there! But I think the majority of pregnant women who are having sex while pregnant don’t think about the fact there is another human in the bed (kinda) unless they are being all paranoid about the baby being injured during intercourse, which I think the majority of us know can’t happen. I think we all sort of block the whole other human thing out while having sex during pregnancy, don’t we? It’s like there, but we don’t think about it being there.

Sex and pregnancy is so weird because on one hand, we have all this weird pregnant woman fetish porn (and no, am so not linking you guys to fetish pregnant porn websites, use your google machine for that) and on the other hand, some women hate the idea of having sex while pregnant because they are exhausted and feel cumbersome and some women love it because being pregnant makes them feel more sensual and sexual.Wait, that is technically three hands. All I know is that even though I personally find pregnant women beautiful I think it’s creepy that like, people who aren’t partnered with pregnant people find them HOT, like in the case of viewing porno featuring strange pregnant women. But don’t ask me, I’m obviously not the pregnant woman porno target audience, and I prefer to think of Kristen Bell, even though she is hot, losing her shit over sloths.

(photo: WENN)

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