Fake Tabloid Story Alleges Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Is Going Up In Diva Flames But You Could Have Fooled Me

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Kris Jenner Genlux Summer Issue Release PartyKris Jenner is gearing up for the debut of her talk show “Kris,” using her granddaughter North West‘s name as the plug that keeps on giving. But allegations that the show is a katasrophe behind the scenes are reportedly false, false, false. Good to know considering how the characterization of Kris is pretty believable.

Star, which is never to be trusted, reportedly writes that a “family insider” told them that Kris’s show is a “complete failure.” Some alleged “diva” behavior as well as no one really giving two figs about being guest at this show is causing some problems:

The supposed “insider” further tells the mag, “She barks that her water isn’t the right temperature and belittles staffers over ridiculous things, even the clothes they wear.”…Star says the talk show will be a “trainwreck,” and that its host has also “banned” Bruce Jenner from the set because of their “constant bickering.”

Gossip Cop busts this all as completely untrue via their own “source” who is connected to the talk show. But if I envision Kris Jenner getting incensed by anything WHILST massively ego-tripping on surfing on her daughter’s sex tape fame, it’s definitely over water temperature and staffer clothes. Throw in a detail about her trying to pitch a spin off reality show for North West in her dressing room and you could have fooled me.

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