Kim Kardashian Values Her Earnings More Than Her Marriage. Just Like Mom!

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Buried in the piles of Kardashian gossip this week is a bit about Kris Jenner that makes her daughter’s fake marriage seem practically endearing. Forget Kim and her bogus vows. Did you realize that the family matriarch is so money-hungry that she’s using the memory of her best friend, Nicole Brown, to drum up press for her new book?

In what’s supposed to be a shocking revelation, Kris Jenner writes that Brown called her and begged to see her the morning before her murder. “Nicole said,  Can you get over here…? I need to talk to you. It’s really important.” Unfortunately, Jenner was too busy with her family and pushed their meeting back to the following day. But that evening, Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered and the world was introduced to the O.J. Simpson murder trial. For Kris Jenner, that frantic plea “would be the last time I would ever speak to Nicole.”

For me, the least shocking bit about this beg for attention is that Kris Jenner was a little too caught up in her own life to be there for a friend in need. However, I would never guess that anyone could save information like this for years and then try to cash in on their deceased friend’s memory just to make a couple bucks. Emotional attachment? Who needs it? There’s money to be made.

As the world scoffs at Kim Kardashian’s flagrant disregard for wedding vows and the institution of marriage, it’s worth pointing out that she was raised by a woman who values success and fame before all else. When Khloe uses an emotional and difficult problem, like infertility, to steal a couple tabloid covers, remember that her mother is trying to make bank off of her friend’s murder. And when Kendall Jenner is constantly sexualized and exploited in her young modeling career, we have to acknowledge that she’s managed by the same mother who encouraged a daughter to pose for Playboy.

The Kardashians have created an empire out of oversharing and fake reality. They’ve put on a production for the country. Except unlike real actors, they’ve shrouded their business under the guise of “reality.” They don’t get to call the end of the shoot and return to their own lives and interests. They are stuck in a carefully crafted public image and they have to live it all day, everyday just to make sure that the E! camera crew gets its shot.

This family is a tabloid spectacle and they were made to be by the woman who manages each and every one of them. It’s true, the three Kardashian sisters are grown women now and they are capable of making their own choices. They have to be held accountable for their own actions.

But they aren’t the only ones who need a little accountability. Kris Jenner pimped her family for a little fame. And now, she’s exploiting a tragedy to sell a couple more copies of her book. If Kim Kardashian just jumped the shark with her sham-marriage, than her mother is the jet ski.