Kris Jenner Says That She’s Not Exploiting Her Family With A Straight Face

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Kris Jenner KardashianKris Jenner, the textbook momager who reportedly coached her daughter on how to make a sex tape, promotes the births of her grandchildren like nobody’s business, and piles her entire family onto reality TV, says that she doesn’t exploit her family. In related falsehoods, the sky is a solid shade of magenta and I’m a man.

Us Weekly reportedly has a big splashy cover story on Kris Jenner’s “mistakes” as a mother and manager. And apparently exploiting her kids isn’t one of them — because she doesn’t think she has! Not that I expect the professional daughter-pimper to come right out and admit it ….unless there was a big salacious tell-all book to promote along with such declarations!

Kris Jenner attests that her babies “are not pansies,” adding that super special stage mom justification that “I think everyone needs direction.” She attests that she never exploited her brood because the kiddies wanted to do the whole reality TV thing:

“My family could have said, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ But everyone was excited!”

If reality TV has taught us nothing else, it’s that just because people are on board with being exploited, said TV is not any less exploitative. See Toddlers & Tiaras, The Bachelor, and every other reality show from the beginning of time for examples. Nevermind that Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner were 11 and 10 when the show premiered.

I guess if you say “I didn’t exploit my kids” a certain number of times into the pages of Us Weekly, it makes it true?

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