Soon Your Daughter Can Look Just Like A Kardashian Thanks To Khroma Beauty Makeup Line – Yippee!

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khroma beautyKourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian – the sisterly trio famous for doing nothing – have a new project in the works: Khroma Beauty. Yup, the sisters are working on a makeup line so that girls everywhere can get their fake look. According to the press release, it’s meant to “emulate the eyes, lips and complexion looks for which the Kardashian sisters are famous.” Woohoo!

Slated to launch in December – just in time for Kritsmas – the line will features eyelashes, mascaras and “Kardazzle Compacts,” with a larger selection rolling out early in the new year. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Kardashians ventured into makeup. They already have a line of OPI nail polishes – with names like “Up & Kim-ing Pink” and “Listen To Your Momager!” – as well as their  Kardashian Kollection of clothing and accessories that’s exclusive to Sears.

Still, there’s something about this new venture that makes me cringe. I think it’s because I envision awkward tweens getting all excited about it. You know, the ones who believe they will truly look like a Kardashian by spending their parents’ hard-earned money on a Kardazzle Compact.

That said, I’ve got to hand it to the K-sisters, who certainly know their audience. For example, the products will accompany behind-the-scenes tips by the Kardashians and their makeup artists via Twitter and YouTube.

So here’s my question of the day: Would you let your daughter wear the Khroma Beauty makeup line in an attempt to look like a Kardashian? Why or why not?