Interesting Facts About How Kourtney Kardashian Raises Her Kids

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kourtney kardashian

Image: Instagram / @kourtneykardashian

Kourtney Kardashian seems to have it all, including her three gorgeous children Mason, Penelope, and Reign. She is the oldest of the famous Kardashian sisters, and the first to become a mom. Kourtney embraced an organic, whole food lifestyle when pregnant with her first son, Mason.  Kourtney has always seemed a little different from the rest of her clan. First of all, Kourtney embraced the concept of attachment parenting, including breastfeeding on demand. She insists on using natural remedies for her kids. This focus on health and well being has changed the way she views the world. As a result, Kourtney has released her new e-commerce and lifestyle website ‘Poosh’. The site describes itself as ‘the modern way to live your best life’. Kourtney is one busy lady. Above all, it seems like motherhood is the job she loves most.

Motherhood is a fulltime job in itself after all. Kourtney has kept her parenting skills hands-on. She has a set of rules and expectations to ensure her kids grow up to become healthy, wealthy and wise. We know all about her public life,  let’s take a look at what makes her such a down to earth mom. Here are 26 interesting facts about how Kourtney Kardashian raises her kids. Maybe we can learn a thing or two?

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