How To Make Your Baby Bump Disappear Like A Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters are never at loss to exploit themselves, or their fellow family members, for a nice meaty check. Aside from the blatant self-exploitation this is being a reality TV star, the family does have a wealth of products that they’re always looking to push including jeans, million dollar publicity weddings, and mommy blogs. But when the trio reconvened recently for a Kardashian Kollection swimsuit shoot, the pregnant Kourtney Kardashian did what a lot of pregnant women probably wish that they could do come bikini season. She just had her baby bump airbrushed right off the image.

kourtney kardashian

Daily Mail informs us that although the shoot happened last month, the reality TV starlet was already photographed wandering around in a bikini with a pregnant tummy. Yet, when it comes to product-pushing time, just shave that baby right off.

The editorial choice is a hypocritical one considering that Kourtney is no doubt positioning herself to make some change off of this pregnancy with magazine headlines, a budding mommy brand, and those obligatory baby photos following the birth. Yet, put her in a sexy bikini that she’s hoping to pawn off to the public, and watch that bump disappear.


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