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Kourtney Kardashian Awesomely Takes Her Sweet Time Revealing New Baby Via Instagram

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I can’t say I’m the biggest Kardashian fan in the world. I don’t hate them, but I don’t actively follow them either. From what I can gather though, Kourtney Kardashian sounds pretty rad. She’s a dedicated mom to her three adorable kids and seems pretty largely drama-free. She also appears genuine, kind and not as addicted to the spotlight as most of her family. That said, in true Kourtney fashion, she waited to release pictures of her newest baby until she was damn good and ready. And all I can say is, you do you, girl. Good for you.

Kourtney’s new son, Reign Aston, was born in the middle of last December. She posted his picture on her Instagram just this morning. That means she waited close to four months. Whatever her reasons, I think it’s great that she stuck to them and didn’t worry about showing his face for the eager millions or sell his picture to the media. Here is his precious face:


(via Kourtney Kardashian)

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an early reveal if that’s the way a celebrity wants to go, but I think it’s awesome when they wait until they feel it’s right and don’t cave to the media. Or Kris Kardashian. And of course, there would be a good chunk of money involved had she revealed his picture for the first time in the media. She clearly doesn’t need the money (although I know many celebs who do this donate that to charity) but nothing would have stopped her from doing that.

Kids born into famous families usually have no choice but to be at least somewhat famous themselves. They are hounded by the paparazzi right along with their parents and grow up knowing no different. The Kardashians on the whole seem to make no effort to avoid that brand of spotlight so it is somewhat noteworthy that Kourtney does things like this on her own time table. I may not be a huge Kardashian fan, but this makes me a little bit of a Kourtney fan. Good for her putting her kids before her family’s multi-million dollar empire. One day, her children will look back and appreciate it, I’m sure.

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