Airline VP Puts Toddler Tantrums To Shame By Forcing Plane To Turn Around For Most Absurd Reason, Ever

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Heather ChoIf you have an upcoming flight with a young child this holiday season and you are worried about how your baby will behave on the plane, you can stop your fretting right now. This grown woman threw a temper tantrum over nuts on a plane that was so epic, she caused the plane to turn around and return to the airport. Suddenly, a crying baby or child pooing in their seat seems like no big deal.

Heather Cho, whose Korean name is Cho Hyun-ah, works as Vice President for Korean Air. According to CNN, last Friday she was a passenger on a Korean Air flight (First Class, natch) headed from New York to South Korean. During takeoff a flight attendant offered her a bag of macadamia nuts, causing Cho to lose her ever-loving mind. Cho channeled her inner diva, and in a move that I think would make Mariah Carey blush, demanded the plane be turned around to the gate so she could kick the flight attendant off the plane.

And the reason Cho flipped out worse than one of the Real Housewives wasn’t because she was allergic to nuts or anything even remotely rational like that. Cho had a temper tantrum for the same reason my toddler does when I cut up his pancake- she didn’t like how her food looked. That’s right, Cho caused an issue at an international airport because her macadamia nuts were given to her in a bag instead of on a plate.

It should be pointed out that even though Cho is a vice president of the company, and her official duties included being in charge of in-flight service, on this flight she was just another passenger. So while she could have noted and perhaps even spoken to the flight attendant about the lapse in procedure, she should have just tossed on some headphones and took a nap like everyone else because she wasn’t on duty.

Instead she demanded the plane backtrack and the offending flight attendant be removed. I’m shocked by Cho’s sense of entitlement, but I’m also a teeny bit impressed. As many times as my parents threatened to turn the car around on road trips if my sister and I didn’t stop fighting, they never followed through. I don’t know if Cho is a parent herself, but if she is I bet her kids know she is not messing around.

Cho’s father is Korean Air’s chairman, Cho Yang-ho. Like most parents who are embarrassed when their child misbehaves in public, Cho’s father issued a statement publicly apologizing to the other passengers for his daughter’s actions.

Cho is sadly too old for a time out, but she has since resigned from the catering and in-flight service divisions of her job. She is keeping her title as Vice President while the company performs an internal investigation. At the end of the day, the flight arrived at its destination only 11 minutes behind schedule, but that doesn’t account for the impact to other flights and air traffic control having to scramble because Cho’s nuts weren’t on a plate.

So there you go, future travelers with young ones, nothing your baby does on a flight this holiday season could be more disruptive or rude than this.