Kim Zolciak’s Post-Baby Body Manages To Wow Even Her 15-Year-Old

Kim ZolciakWho knows what trainers or diets Kim Zolciak has been committing herself to following the birth of her fourth child, Kash Kade Biermann. But the mother and The Real Housewives star managed to get a rise out of even one of her own kids. A teenager for that matter. You know you’re hitting those conventional ideals for women’s post-baby bodies when you get a nod by your own teen daughter. 

Fifteen-year-old Brielle Biermann tweeted the adjacent image of her mother along with the caption, “seriously… who looks like this after 2 weeks of having a baby?” Kim did welcome her second son on August 15th, so the kid is being accurate with that timeline.

While we can all agree that grainy Twitter pictures and black sweat pants can work wonders, I love that Kim’s weight loss efforts caused a full on stop and photo snap in her own home. Tabloids will hunt, stalk, and harass a new mother in the public eye from even the parking lot of her prenatal appointments, so a pat on the back from US Weekly and the like isn’t quite as complimentary. Nor are headlines that claim a post-baby lady is “celebrating her curves” or “all hail the curves!” More backhanded speech that’s really just code for “fat.”

But a moment of appreciation from one’s own daughter (and a tweet no less — true teenage accolades) warrants more than any post-baby body snap could capture.


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