Kim Kardashian’s Momager Problem: Kris Jenner Tells Lies

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Poor Kim Kardashian. She spends $10 million on her wedding to Kris Humphries, gets divorced 72 days later and then – horror of all horrors – has nothing to show for it except a broken heart (cue violins here). This according to Kim’s mom-slash-manager (momager) Kris Jenner, who’s now claiming the family “didn’t make a dime” off Kim’s big day.

Look, the fact that Kim Kardashian’s sham wedding sets a bad example for little girls everywhere is irrelevant. Because, really, since when did Kim Kardashian become a role model? She’s entitled to live her life however she pleases and if people are actually looking up to her, well, that’s their problem.

What’s annoying isn’t that Kim dared to get a divorce but rather that she’s playing the victim here (i.e., she actually expects us to feel sorry for her!). Even worse is watching her mom tell blatant lies on national television.

Mama Jenner appeared on the Today Show this morning to promote her new book, Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian, which hits stores tomorrow (how convenient that her book release would coincide with her child’s divorce). Jenner ended up fielding questions from Ann Curry about Kim’s divorce the rumors surrounding it.

“One of the rumors is that we sold the television rights for millions of dollars. Not true,” Jenner explained. “[Another rumor is that] she profited from the wedding. Absolutely false.”

When asked how much money the Kim and Kris made from selling their wedding photos, Jenner said, “Less than a million – and probably more than a half a million” (as if she doesn’t know the exact amount – she’s her manager!). “At the end of the day, that money went towards the wedding and Kim had to pay a great deal of money, you know, the balance that was owed for the wedding, which she was delighted to do because it was her fairytale wedding.”

Too bad the marriage ended in less time than it took to plan…

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