Kim Kardashian Is Very Proud Of Her Post-Baby Vagina But We Didn’t Need This Factoid

182631925__1382951633_74.134.205.46Kim Kardashian is very proud of her post-baby vagina. How do I know this? Because the google machine tells me so. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, after Kim gave birth to North West she said that:

”˜When I came back from the hospital the first thing I did was go and look at my vagina in the mirror. It looks better looking than before,’ she told her sister Khloe.

Yeah, yeah there is something to be said for having that sort of post-baby body confidence so many women seem to be lacking after giving birth. Having a baby is hard on your body and hard on your vagina. I’m glad Kim is happy with the state of her vagina but comments like these piss me off so hard because when a major celebrity, even a reality TV celebrity, says stuff like this, all it does is put a giant pile of post-baby body critiquing and scrutiny into the ether for a lot of other women (and young girls) to worry about, and it gives tabloid news centers a huge OK to continue analyzing aspects of a woman’s anatomy that are none of their biz to begin with.

Your post baby vagina is no ones business.

And here’s another thing, your post baby vagina is fine, no matter how it looks.

Women think and worry and contemplate how their vagina will be after having a baby, which is fine, and normal, but only women should be thinking about this, or discussing with their friends or partners or doctors or loved ones. This shouldn’t be something that TMZ splashes across a headline. Women get that enough with their stomach size, their body shape, how their breasts look after having a baby. Do we really need to add vaginas into the mix?

It takes time to heal after giving birth. Kim Kardashian’s post-baby vagina isn’t more attractive, or glamorous, or camera-ready than any other woman’s. Don’t women who have just had a baby get enough scrutiny over whether or not they have lost the baby weight or can fit into their skinny jeans without having to add the sacred vagina cow into the mix? And the fact that Kim gave birth to a daughter, who may one day grow up and have her own baby, makes me realize how utterly lame her mom making statements like this is. She just ushered in a brave new world of vagina contemplation her own daughter can look forward to experiencing when and if she decides to have her own baby.

Childbirth doesn’t ruin a vagina, or drastically change it’s appearance or function. It just takes time to heal. The only people who should be concerned about the state of a woman’s post baby vagina are her and her doctor.

I’m glad Kim is happy about her vagina, but the whole world doesn’t need to know this. This is just another way the world can start putting another pile of post-baby body pressure on women who now get to worry about how their vaginas will be thought of after they have a baby.You won’t see one single headline about how Kanye‘s penis has been affected by having a baby.

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