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Kim Kardashian Shares Cute Photo of Saint West, Everybody Flips Out About His Car Seat

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It’s amazing that Kim Kardashian keeps showing photos of her kids at all, because every time she does so the Internet falls all over itself to slut- and body-shame her, criticize her parenting, and nitpick her choices. Well, the fact that she’s making millions and millions of dollars probably takes the edge off some of the hurt feelings, but the Internet can be pretty crazy.

Remember when people accused Kelly Clarkson of child abuse for letting her daughter eat Nutella? Well Kim Kardashian just posted a cute photo of her son, Saint West, and this time she’s set off the car seat police.

When I first saw this picture I actually had to spend a few minutes looking at it trying to figure out what the problem was. He’s in a car seat. The straps appear to be snug and the chest harness is in the right place. The car seat is even clean, so maybe rich people really are different from the rest of us. But Kardashian has over a thousand comments on this photo full of people complaining that Saint’s car seat is forward facing.

For optimal safety, infants and toddler should be in rear-facing car seats until they are two years old or meet the highest weight or height allowed by their particular car seat. (Most swanky car seats seem to have an upper limit of about 40 pounds for rear-facing.) Saint is 18  months old. So of course Kardashian posts one picture of her baby, and the entire car seat chorus showed up in her comments, frothing to say, “Oh my God, that baby needs to be front-facing!”

I’m pretty surprised anyone could even tell Saint was facing forward. It’s hard to know for sure if the headrest behind him is the front of the headrest on the back seat, which would indicate that he’s facing forward, or if it’s the back of the headrest in the front seat, which would mean he’d be facing backwards. The car seat police are much more attuned to this sort of thing than a regular car seat user like me, though, because from the position of the seat buckle next to him it looks like he is facing forward in his seat.

There could be any number of reasons for that, though. Maybe he’s in North’s seat for some reason. Maybe it’s not even their car. A limo company or car service will provide a car seat if you ask for one. Maybe Kardashian’s assistant called for a car and asked for a car seat, and this is how it was installed when the car showed up.  (It does look brand new.) We don’t know anything about this car seat. We don’t even know where Kim Kardashian is right now. (California law does require that kids under two be in rear-facing car seats unless they meet the height and weight requirements to be forward facing.)

Kim Kardashian did not ask for parenting tips from the internet, and she’s almost certainly not reading any of it. So why are they bothering?

People really will complain about everything, though. My toddler is almost three and still rear-facing, and I actually hear about that pretty constantly. She’s well within the weight and height limit and has short legs, so why turn her? But people are always asking when I’m going to turn her around, why she’s still rear-facing, or if her legs are uncomfortable, etc. And then I have to sit and answer all sorts of annoying questions when they clearly don’t believe my answers.

Parenting would be so much easier if it were socially to say, “She’s fine, butt out.” Kim Kardashian should probably have that written on a T-shirt.

(Image: Facebook / Kim Kardashian West)