Kim Kardashian Gets Extra Petty for the Launch of Her New Fragrance Line

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I, myself, am a very petty person. So I love when the petty comes out in others. And Kim Kardashian brought Olympic-level petty to the launch of her new fragrance line. Kim has been hyping the line for a while now, and all three versions will be released in time for Valentine’s Day. So Kim decided to send some out to her friends, her “ride-or-dies”, and hilariously, her enemies. 2018 Kimmie might be my most favorite Kimmie of all.

Kim Kardashian is REALLY excited about the fragrance launch, as evidenced by how much she talks about it on social media. She’s so excited, in fact, that she’s sending them as gifts to people. Even people who have wronged her.

kim kardashian

Image: Snapchat/Kim Kardashian

Let me help you understand the complicated system that Kim used to decide who gets what.

kim kardashian

Image: Facebook/Kim Kardashian West

BFF is pink, RIDE OR DIE is purple, and BAE is blue. So, on the Post-Its, Kim has her BFF’s listed in pink (we see you, Kris), her ride-or-dies in purple, and as for blue? Well…

We spot a few names who aren’t exactly friends of Kimmie’s. Taylor? Blac Chyna? Looks like Kim’s enemies are getting BAE! I cannot.

This is a level of petty that I can get behind and support 100%. It also sent me down a rabbit hole of past Kim kontroversies. I had no idea why she and Naya Rivera had beef, but I am all caught up now! Can’t you just picture the BAE list getting their package after this list made the rounds? Obviously, social media lost it over the Post-It list.


But don’t worry, Kim assured everyone that it wasn’t only haters who got BAE (in case people thought it smelled bad and that’s why she sent it, LOL).

Just amazing, this entire thing. Completely pointless, but amazing nonetheless. Consider me entertained by the cele-petty.

(Image: Facebook/Kim Kardashian West)