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Kim Kardashian Says She Did Not Put North West in a Corset, Just a Dress that Looks Like a Corset

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Kim Kardashian catches a lot of heat for things she never did wrong. Just a couple days ago she was accused of doing coke with her kids in the house because people on the Internet saw what looked like white lines on her table in the background of a selfie. It wasn’t cocaine, though. It was just white striations on a black marble table. Now, however, Kardashian has been getting slammed for dressing North West in a corset. But Kardashian insists it was not a corset, it was just a dress with a false corset attached to it.

Underwear as outerwear

According to Teen Vogue, Kim took North West out earlier this week in New York, and North was wearing a strappy orange slip dress with a false corset over the front. I would have killed to wear something like that when I was a teenager in 1997–the slip dress and faux corset are both very 90s–but my mother probably wouldn’t have let me wear it without a sweater.

It is a bit surprising to see a corset–even a false one–on a 4-year-old. So the headlines about North West’s very small corset started rolling in, and Kardashian decided to refute them once and for all.

“I would never put my daughter in a corset! It’s a dress I bought that is a cotton fabric that laces up & looks like a corset! Just decoration,” Kardashian explained.

It’s not a corset, it’s just a dress that looks like a corset

The dress might not actually be cinching North’s waist, but it does look like lingerie, and that’s putting some people off. When kids North’s age rock the “underwear as outerwear” trend, that usually means they’re insisting on wearing cartoon underoos over their pants for the day. People aren’t exactly used to seeing 4-year-olds in faux corsets.

Kim Kardashian says she did not design this dress. It apparently came from a designer, and Kardashian bought it because she thought it was cute. I wonder who designed it, though. It’s a very out-of-the-box concept for children’s clothes. Someone out there was thinking, “You know what my children’s clothing line needs? More corsets!” Now I’m dying to see the rest of their collection.

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