People Turned Kim Kardashian’s New Promo Picture Into a Meme, and I Am Wheezing

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You guys, I am doing the barking seal laugh. You know the one? Where you laugh so hard you don’t even sound human. My dog is looking at me right now, wondering if he should attack or run. I’m pretty much done with the Kardashian klan, after all that bullshit Kim Kardashian pulled last week. At some point, you just have to wash your hands of it all, you know? But listen, I am only human. NATURALLY when I saw that her latest promo photo for her husband’s shoes was getting meme’d all to shit, I had to investigate. So glad I did, guys. SO GLAD.

Kim Kardashian shared a picture on Twitter that is apparently a promotional image for Kanye West’s Yeezy sneakers. I don’t know anything about the shoes, which are barely noticeable in the goddamn picture.

Lol, OK Kim. Sure, it’s about the shoes! Which are, let’s be honest, hard to even see clearly in this picture. But anyway, apparently Butter 350’s are “like butter”. Now, Kim may be a lot of things, but when it comes to promoting herself, she’s no dummy. She knew damn well people would react when she posted this picture, but maybe … not in the way they actually did.

The internet did what the internet does, and just meme’d the everloving hell of out this “sneaker” picture.

This next one is where I absolutely lost it.

And this one is where I started gasping for breath. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO GODDAMN CLEVER?

Some people were less concerned about making a meme, and more concerned with making sure Kim was OK.

They’re all too much. What did we even do before memes? Remember just seeing a picture and not being able to laugh until we cried over the hilarious ways people photoshopped it? The internet is garbage 98% of the time, but man. When it’s good, it is SO GOOD.

(Image: Twitter/@KimKardashian)