People Are Mad About Kim Kardashian’s Manchester Tweets, Because Apparently She’s the Real Enemy

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The attack in Manchester, UK, at an Ariana Grande concert has left the world shocked and sickened. To think about all those young people who went from elated to terrified, the ones who were injured, and the ones who lost their lives…it leaves me breathless. Many people have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts and condolences, including the unofficial queen of social media, Kim Kardashian. And of course, there are some people up in arms about Kim’s response to the tragedy, because nothing Kardashian does can ever just be taken at face value.

Like, oh I don’t know, about a billion other people, Kim Kardashian tweeted her thoughts about the devastating attack on Manchester.

Kim Kardashian's response

Image: Twitter / @KimKardashian

“Concerts are supposed to be a place where u can let loose & have fun. So scary not to feel safe in this world. @arianagrande I love you,” she tweeted, along with a picture of herself and Grande at what appears to be a concert. Very sweet. Was it the tweet I would have told her to lead with? Hell no. But she did follow up with something a bit broader:

praying for Manchester

Image: Twitter / @KimKardashian

This is a much better tweet, and the one she should have gone with first, but bygones.

Do I think Kim is vapid and pretty clueless? YEP. Do I think she was trying to make this about herself? Nah. Lots of people were sharing photos of themselves with Ariana Grande, including other celebrities. However, lots of people on Twitter disagreed with me.

she hates kim

Image: Twitter / @relaxedpanic

she hates kim

Image: Twitter / @jennyclairefox

The response to Kim’s tweet with Ariana was so intense that Kardashian eventually deleted the tweet…which of course lead to people calling her out for THAT and JESUS CHRIST are we seriously getting worked up about this?

Someone like Kim Kardashian is damned either way. If she hadn’t tweeted about the tragedy at all, people would have given her shit for that, too. There are so many valid things to give the Kardashian fam a hard time about, but this? No. So let’s all take a deep breath and maybe channel our anger towards the people who actually deserve it.

 (Image: Twitter / @kimkardashian)