Peek-A-Boo Kanye! Your Baby Mama Is Wearing Ugly Shoes In Brazil!

peekabooKim Kardashin and Kanye West continued their worldwide tour of inappropriate footwear   babymoon by enjoying some quality paparazzi time in Rio de Janeiro. Kim wore a lot of flowing brightly colored dresses and Kanye wore some T-shirts and they have been enjoying playing tourist and eating food and kissing, just like any other pregnant couple on a babymoon, except for a lot more paparazzi following them all over.  Kim and Kanye wore ugly shoes and posed in front of the Christ The Redeemer statue, like every other ugly American tourist ever.



 Kim and Kanye posed with arms outstretched near the giant sculpture, imitating how Christ stands for eternity in Brazil. This was probably a highlight of the couple’s Brazil visit, especially for Kanye who once wrote the rap tune, “Jesus Walks.”

Oh, and Kim walked up some steep steps and showed off her Spanx.



According to the Examiner, they also ate some food:

Meanwhile, Kimye also enjoyed the Braseiro Gavea restaurant for lunch on Saturday. The couple, who seem to be very much in love, took advantage of this place that has been dubbed the best place to flirt in Rio.

Located in the heart of hip Low Gavea, this beloved brasserie that’s quite low key despite its reputation for being a fun-loving hot spot, boasts sausage with onions and breaded provolone as popular menu items.

However, the yummy top sirloin is the meal of choice for those in the know at this top dining spot. Whether or not Kim and/or Kanye tried the beef is not known but it’s probably safe to say that Kardashian didn’t enjoy any of the fancy alcoholic beverages on the menu since she is pregnant.

But, there are no reports on whether or not the pregnant couple ate beef.

I know some of our readers hate it when I report on Kim and Kanye but I am required to ya’ll. This is my job, and some readers enjoy reading about this lovely couple who are very much in love and will soon be parents and are doing all of this only for love and not for publicity. Stop being so cynical you guys!

Is it just me, or is Kanye starting to look like he has gained quite a bit of baby weight? And from this photo, he is obviously getting in some much needed peek-a-boo practice before the Kimye makes its baby debut in July. I’m not going to say that Kim’s Louboutins look super ugly and really uncomfortable, because that goes without saying. Why do pregnant celebrities do this? Heels are not the most fun to walk in anyway but I really can’t imagine traipsing all over Brazil sightseeing while wearing five-inch heels and oh my gosh, I think I just figured out what Kim has a gazillion dollars and I don’t.

Next stop for the couple is Nigeria, and I will be sure and let you guys know what shoes they wore and whether or not they ate beef.

(photos: PCN)


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