Kim Kardashian Came Up With the Perfect Gift for Kris Jenner’s Birthday

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(Via Instagram/KrisJenner)

Giving gifts is an art, and it’s one a lot of people aren’t very good at. The perfect gift is thoughtful and tailored exactly for the recipient. Sure, large sums of money make very good gifts, but the gold standard of gift-giving is to come up with something special and personal that you know they will like. Kris Jenner celebrated her birthday yesterday, and when it comes to gifts, Kim Kardashian knocked it out of the park.

Kim Kardashian is still staying off social media and regrouping after surviving a horrible assault and robbery at gunpoint in her Paris apartment last month, but for her mother’s birthday, she delivered a custom Kimoji of Kris Jenner in full mom-boss mode. This is basically the 21st century version of Marie Antoinette sending her mother a portrait.

Jenner’s emoji portrait is a great likeness. She’s wearing a power red sweater set and lots of gold and diamonds, and she looks intense and laser-focused as she takes a selfie with a phone that says “Queen of Fucking Everything.” It’s a perfect ode to everything Jenner likes about herself, which makes it a pretty fantastic gift.

Kris Jenner is basically singlehandedly responsible for the fame and fortune of her entire extended family, and that’s one heck of a feat. One has to admire her hustle. You know she does. The patron saint of mompreneurs seemed ecstatic with her gift.

“Thank you Kimberly for making me my birthday Kimoji!!!” she wrote. “I love you so much my beuaty <3 #kimoji #priceless” 

This wouldn’t be a great gift for everybody. If I gave my father a custom emoji of himself, he would think I lost my mind. But for Kris Jenner, it’s great. The Kardashians are a pretty crazy group, but as a family they seem to be really close. Kim Kardashian knows what her mom likes, and this is perfect.