We Can All Rest Easy – Kim Kardashian Finally Got A Trial Date For Her Divorce

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shutterstock_83848273If you’re like me, you’ve totally been losing sleep over the Kim Kardashian divorce debacle. I mean, how can she swiftly move into motherhood and hopefully marital bliss with Kanye with her last money-making scam marriage still looming over head? While Kris Humphries continues to play duped ex, Kim is on to the next.

A California Superior Court judge ruled that Humphries has had adequate time to prepare and set a court date of May 6 for the divorce proceedings. Humphries has attempted to delay divorce proceedings and seek an annulment on the grounds that the divorce was “fraudulent.” He had been seeking extra time to get more information about her reality shows, to support his claim that their divorce was a fraud.

He seems to be grasping at straws at this point. USA Today reports, “Humphries’ attorney Marshall Waller asked for a delay until basketball season is over. But Gordon refused, saying firefighters, police officers, truck drivers and others have to miss work for trials, and Humphries must do the same if necessary.”

I don’t know if Humphries expects us all to feel sorry for him or what. All of this, I was duped! nonsense is starting to get on my nerves. Cut your losses, guy. Kim has proven time and time again to be a very shrewd businesswoman. She reportedly made $18 million off the 72 day marriage! From Fox News:

Kim made so much money off her wedding and 72-day marriage to Kris that it will be hard to make more than that off the divorce, but Kim is smart and she will definitely try! She raked in $100,000 when she sold cute photos of her and Kris vacationing in Mexico. She made $15 million from E! for her two-part wedding special and another $3 million off wedding photos,” In Touch Weekly senior editor Dorothy Cascerceri told Fox411. “She could easily sell her first post-divorce interview for a half a million dollars or more.”

I think he’s just bitter he didn’t think of all of this first. Whatever your opinions of Kardashian are, the girl knows how to make money.

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