Kim Kardashian Defends Self Against Accusations That She Put Saint in Danger

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Not long ago Kim Kardashian posted a cute photo of her son, Saint West, in his car seat. Saint was adorable and we don’t see as much of him as we do of his sister, North. But the first thing some people noticed was that Saint appeared to be sitting incorrectly in his car seat. In the photo, Saint appeared to be sitting in a forward-facing car seat. But kids under two are meant to be in rear-facing car seats. Saint is only one and a half.

People are very passionate about car-seat safety. That’s understandable. Car seats save lives. A paramedic and mother recently said that in a combined 20 years as an on-call paramedic neither she nor her paramedic husband have seen a child killed in a car accident where the child was in a car seat correctly. It’s normal for people to care about carseat safety, but people ripped into Kardashian so hard that she actually responded.

California law says kids under two must be rear-facing unless they meet height and weight requirements.

Kardashian did not say where she was when the photo was taken. In California, where they live, the law says children under two must be in rear-facing car seats unless they meet the height and weight requirements to sit forward-facing.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel on Friday, Kardashian explained that Saint does fit the height and weight requirements to sit forward-facing in a car seat.


“Saint actually weighs more than North, if that’s believable” she said. “He does, and it’s wild.”

That is pretty wild. North West is four years old. Saint is only 20 months old. But genetics are weird, and some kids are bigger than others. Some kids wear 3T clothes at 18 months old. Saint might just be a big kid.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not tall, but Kim has some very tall relatives. Her sisters Khloe and Kendall are both 5’10”, and her brother Rob is 6’1″. Everyone probably knows a family where everybody is 5’5″ or shorter, and then one kid is 6’4″. It’s always interesting when that happens, like when a redhead kid pops up out of nowhere and everyone spends the next 50 years trying to figure out if Uncle Bob’s beard might have been red when he was younger.

Kardashian says Saint is big enough to be forward-facing. So it looks like people will just have to find something else to be mad at her about.

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