Kanye (Or His Assistant) Got Kim Kardashian The Sweetest Baby Shower Gift Ever

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kim kardashian and kanye west Paris Fashion WeekDetails are continuing to emerge about Kim Kardashian‘s wreath-filled baby shower and who bothered to show up. Despite all the waffle-noshing and the “Hey, where’s Beyonce?” the best tidbit is officially here. You guys, Kanye West — or his team of handlers — really delivered on his gift to soon to-be-mommy Kim Kardashian.

Kanye did reportedly get KK an Hermes diaper bag but I don’t find that swanky gift to be nearly as impressive as this one:

Sources tell toofab that West surprised his baby mama by finding out what books Kim’s father, the late Robert Kardashian, used to read to her as a kid — and then went out and bought vintage copies of them all, to read to their little girl after her birth. The present left the entire party misty-eyed, with Kim gushing that it was “so sweet!” to friends and family.

Guests better have been “misty-eyed.” If Eve Vawter and I had been in attendance, we would have been sobbing messes. I say take that gift to the next level and have a Kanye West reading of Corduroy or what have you. Afterwards we can drag our crying behinds back to the pancakes table and NeNe Leakes can pass me a handkerchief.

Hermes diaper bag what?