(UPDATE): World Stops Spinning As We Learn Kim And Kanye’s Baby Name Does Not Start With A ‘K’

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Kim KardashianThe reports indicating that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby girl was named Kaidence Donda West are reportedly incorrect (so Media Takeout was trolling us after all!) A different outlet claims to be sitting on the actual Kimye baby name — or rather just the first letter of it.

Us Weekly claims to have confirmed that the name does not follow the Klassy K trend that we were all predicting:

“They’re not quite ready to announce the name yet,” a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly exclusively. “But the name definitely does not start with a K, despite all the rumors that have been out.”

Okay, MIND BLOWN. If the name doesn’t start with a K, then that opens nothing short of a floodgate of Kimye baby name possibilities (and here I was really pulling for Kash Kow). Did the couple go for something totally tame like Alice or Rebecca or Mary? Or will this end in a whole Apple, Moses, Yoonique situation? Or does the whole North West rumor actually check out? OR perhaps a traditional K name with a C twist — like Caylee?

Frankly, I think we can all start betting our chips on Donda West and call it a day.

UPDATE: Kim and Kanye have reportedly named their daughter North West, or “Nori” for short. The couple have yet to confirm!

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