Media Takeout Claims To Know Kim And Kanye’s Baby Name Or Is Seriously Trolling Us

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Kim KardashianEver since it was reported that Kim Kardashian delivered Kanye West‘s baby five weeks early, Mommyish readers have been having nothing short of a heyday throwing around hypothetical baby names. Some of my favorite readers threw around such gems as Kadence, Kash Kow, Konda Kimye, Kardinal West. According to Media Takout’s notoriously incorrect sleuthing, you guys weren’t too far off.

The outlet reports that the happy parents settled on Kaidence Donda West. According to a Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital nurse who was willing to talk, Donda is a nod to Kanye’s late mother — and the Kaidence, well that’s keeping with the whole klassy K theme.

I’d like to point out that our reader Cee totally called this katastrophe in the comments section awhile ago…and she was only off by a needlessly placed “i”:


The “source” could be baloney or this is a completely legitimate baby name given the parents’ penchants. The absolute fun here is that we cannot tell the difference!

Quick Cee, tell us what Kate Middleton will be naming her baby!

(photo: WENN/Arnold Wells)