Kiernan Shipka Of ‘Mad Men’ Is Happy Being A Post-Millennial Kid

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Kiernan ShipkaKiernan Shipka may play 1960s daughter Sally Draper in Mad Men, but the tween definitely is not nostalgic for a life like her day job. The 12-year-old told style blogger Tavi Gevinson at Rookie that she wouldn’t trade her modern childhood for those saddle shoes any time soon.

Kiernan tells Tavi after describing the experience of playing Sally Draper:

I’m definitely glad that I’m growing up now instead of the ’60s, ’cause I think there are definitely more opportunities for me, but I mean, I love working on Mad Men because it’s set in the ’60s. The fashion was so amazing—it was a whole different world back then!

And given how young Sally has to navigate not only the shifting attitudes of the 60s, but also her cold mother played by January Jones and somewhat emotionally challenged father played by Jon Hamm, it’s easy to see why the young lady doesn’t have all that great of an impression.

Kiernan also tells Rookie that she finds all of the scenes in Mad Men to be “challenges” but thoroughly enjoys being the only kid on set.  She also loves Adele, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, and Stella McCartney designs for kids. All marks of a modern, post-millennial kid indeed.

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