Everyone Hates Bad News, So Here’s A Video That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Instead

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Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.25.31 AMWho likes bad news? Not me. It’s one of the most voiced complaints that we receive whenever we do a suggestion thread. The problem is – there is so much bad news out there. Really. So much. Sometimes it makes me want to crawl into the fetal position, slap one of my baby’s bottle nipples on a vat of wine, and lay in the dark.

I get these Google alerts about all things mom-related every day. I would say they are always comprised of about 72% horrifying news. These are some of the stories that were delivered to my inbox today: mom beheaded while toddler watches, 10-year-old boy sentenced for fatally shooting neo-Nazi father, mom ripped off son’s scrotum then super-glued it back on… I couldn’t make this stuff up. But I get it – sometimes you just don’t want to read stuff like this on a parenting blog. Sometimes you just want to spend a Saturday feeling okay about the world. If you follow those links and actually read the stories – sorry. But maybe the urge to read about the crazy will make you understand why we fall prey to writing about it sometimes, too. For the record, I didn’t read any of them.

Instead of writing about any of this soul-destroying news, I’m going to post a commercial that actually made me laugh out loud this morning. A group of children were given “healthy” Halloween candy and told this was the way Halloween candy was going to be from now on. Yes, it’s a commercial – but these are real reactions from kids and they are hilarious.

Happy Saturday!

(photo: YouTube)