10 Educational Shows That Parents Don’t Hate Watching With Their Children

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Doc McStuffinsThis week, we’ve learned that educational television is an acceptable form of laziness and escape for stressed out parents everywhere. While society stills tells overworked moms and dads that screen time will turn our kids into “Supersize Me” slobs, we were at least relieved to hear that some TV programs might not make children horrible, misbehaving brats. The only problem is that these educational shows also have a tendency to be mind-numbingly obnoxious.

There’s a reason that “The Learning Channel” has been taken over by hoarders and pageant moms. Entertaining and informative television is difficult to make! Without the cool explosions of Green Lantern or triumph over fear during Scooby Doo, lots of educational shows get to be pedantic, boring, or downright annoying.

Now, our readers had plenty of thoughts on the most awful and ear-piercing that educational TV has to offer. By the way, you were all right, Caillou definitely deserved to top that list! And I would agree that Wonder Pets should be included as well.

But instead of trashing all that we hate about our kids’ favorite television shows, let’s turn our attention to the shows that we actually enjoy. These are the ones that we subtly attempt to push on our children, whether they’re really into it or not. I’m talking about the show that you keep watching, even after your child leaves the room. Let’s show some love to all those television shows that get it right. They teach our kids manners and math, but they also manage to keep parents sane and content.

Just to keep things fair, I’m sticking to current shows that are still putting out new episodes. If we start delving into the classics, these fights could get ugly. So here are Mommyish‘s favorite children’s shows that also manage to teach a good lesson or two along the way.