Amazing Kids Help Police Rescue Friend From Pedophile Neighbor And Yep, I Can’t Even

shutterstock_84418426__1375361427_74.134.205.46Someone taught these little kids so well and I hope their parents are all so proud of them and proud of themselves for raising kids with the knowledge of what to do if anything horrible and creepy happens to them or one of their friends. A group of kids were playing on a playground in New Castle, Indiana when they were approached by 19-year-old Caleb P. Cooper who lured one little six-year-old girl away from the group in order to show her “his new kitten.” According to court documents obtained by Wish.TV, the kids were all worried about their friend so they went door to door asking neighbors to help them find her. One of the neighbors called 911.

The kids, including the girl’s brother, told police Cooper wouldn’t let them in, and locked his doors. They said ”they were afraid” for her and ”started knocking on all the doors so someone would help her.” A neighbor called police, who found the girl nude inside Cooper’s apartment in a bedroom.

Police said they found a large folding knife on a table. The 6-year-old girl told police he’d kissed her and tried to have sex with her. She told police ”Mr. Cooper tried to put his ”˜bad stuff’ in her ”˜bad stuff.’”

I’m so happy that the child is safe and so proud of her friends for trying to help her. These kids did exactly the right thing. News like this is always so terrifying to us parents but because the story can’t just be left at that (Oh boy, we all know it always gets worse) we get this little ragebomb from the same article:

Court documents then show Cooper told police, “I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I got caught doing this again.” He added, ”Am I going to get into a lot of trouble for this? Because I want to talk to my girlfriend first.”

Oh boy. We have such a winner here. And he has a girlfriend? Not to get all partner-judgey on you girlfriend, but maybe next time you may wanna find a nice, not-child-predator boy to date. He then went on to say:

Court documents also show he told police the 6-year-old “wanted to have sex with me. It was her idea.”

Yesterday someone accused me of being callous because I suggested that a cartoon character should die. The thing is, I save my outrage for things like this, real things in the real world that are so horrible and terrifying and these sorts of things are what make me lose sleep at night. I’m so glad the little girl is safe, but I know there will just be another one tomorrow. Because this is another one of those I Can’t Even articles, feel free to reply in GIF form. Because I can’t even.
(Image: Tsekhmister/shutterstock)

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