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Video Showing Kids Rapping Popular Lyrics Will Totally Bum You Out

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Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.06.13 AMI’m about to get all Tipper Gore up in here but won’t someone think of the children? I’m a fan of rap and hip hop. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. But I am careful about what my young kids are exposed to, and even though I may personally enjoy more adult music I don’t want my kids exposed to a lot of the lyrics found in rap music today. L.A. based agency Amusement Park feels the same way, so they created this video to show how rap’s negative aspects are so prominent in the music industry. Warning: Foul language. Adorable kids. Majorly depressing: 

[youtube_iframe id=”J9puaImr6Bo”]

The song lyrics, include ones from Rick Ross and 2 Chainz, plus the amazingly family-friendly new catchphrase “Twerk” when recited by tiny kids really bum you out. From Fastcocreate:

“We just wanted to hold up a mirror to the types of messages we pump into our heads all day,” the Smiths told us. “We hope this film pushes some of our favorite, super-talented artists to push themselves toward more honest and balanced art. Not cleaner or censored, but honest. If rappers rapped about Hot Wheels and ice cream on every song it wouldn’t be honest either. But if you have 12 songs about money, where are the songs about the things money does NOT fix? Nobody is perfect, but as creatives we can always be honest. Honesty–it’s what makes truly great art, great.”

There is so much amazing music out there today with artists creating content that goes well beyond the whole bitches N ho’s N drugs N money tropes we are all so familiar with. But the thing is, and I have been guilty of this myself, all too often we are just too lazy to seek it out and we play some old favorites and because they are old favorites we sort of forget how misogynistic and inappropriate the lyrics are. It’s almost enough to make you only want to listen to, and have your kids listen to, classical music.


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