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This Mom Whose Kids Were Left Unattended For Two Hours Gives Young Moms A Bad Name

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katarina shortAs a woman who started my family young, I’ve dealt with my fair share of judgment and BS. It’s hard to get people to take you seriously when you’re a mom of three under thirty, and mothers like Katarina Short, whose kids were found after allegedly being left unattended for more than two hours, don’t make it any easier.

Short, age 26, has three children, ages one, four and five, was arrested this week after cops say the kids walked into the local police station looking to get a ride to school. Police think the kids were let home alone for at least two hourst. Lt. Jay Drury, from the Farmington New Hampshire Police Department, says that the oldest boy got his 4-year-old brother and 1-year-old sister dressed in their winter gear before heading out into the cold to find help:

“We are very proud of him and kind of joked that he’s five probably going on fifteen for being able to take care of his siblings the way that he did. Getting them dress getting their boots on and a jacket and trying to get to school.”

The kids were all examined by EMTs and were thankfully fine, though according to Police Chief Kevin Willey, the 1-year-old had the early signs of frostbite. About an hour after the kids arrived, Short showed up after receiving a voice mail from the police. She’s claiming that she left the kids with a babysitter so she could run some errands, but according to news reports, she won’t divulge where she was or with whom she left them.

One thing that annoys me about stories like this (besides the obvious child neglect) is that for every young mom who is allegedly irresponsible like this woman, there are a dozen who are great moms, who would never think to leave their kids alone. But stories like this one are the first thing you hear when anyone discusses young moms or teen parenthood. It would be great to see more stories of good parenting. But those don’t sell newspapers, push advertising or interest people as much as the bad stuff.

(Photo: Farmington Police Department)