Anonymous Mom: My 7-Year-Old Kissed Another Boy And His Mom Freaked Out

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My 7-year-old little boy and his 6-year-old friend were caught kissing by the other kid’s mom. And she’s freaking out!

I get a call from my neighbor one afternoon as I’m getting ready for work. She calls and tells me, “I need to talk to you!”

I calmly say, “OK.” Then she proceeds to tell me that she was walking down the hallway in her apartment and saw her son and my son kissing. On the lips.

At first I’m thinking, “what has my son gotten into now?” Then as she tells me she herself and her live-in girlfriend are bisexual and are in a mature relationship. Then my mind is shifting and I’m wondering why is she so upset by this. Our kids kissed, so what? I wasn’t really bothered by it. I was more bothered by how she was reacting.

So then she explained that I NEED to talk to my son and tell him that he’s not allowed over to play with his friend and that his friend is not allowed over to my house as well. I respectfully agreed not to let my child nor her child in the same room together.

This started making me mad. But I listened, I became the bigger person, and told her I would “handle it appropriately.”

So, my son came home a few minutes later and I called him in the back bedroom where myself and my husband were discussing this sensitive issue. We asked my son what had happened. He said that they kissed. And I asked him more detailed questions related to the “incident”:

1)Who kissed who first?

2) What did his mom do with you once she saw it happen?
3)What did his mom do with your friend?
4) Do you understand why you can’t go over to your friend’s house anymore?

5) Did you like kissing your friend?
6) Do you like kissing boys or girls?

So my son responds:

1) He kissed me first
2) She sent me home
3) She spanked my friend (this is what made me frustrated and mad. I don’t get it. His mom is a bisexual female, yet isn’t approving of her son’s behavior?)
4) Yeah , because we kissed
5) No
6) Girls

When I asked him separately if he liked boys or wanted to date a boy his reaction was “no way!” And you should’ve seen his face, it was funny!

So, I further explained that you can’t go around and kiss your guy friends like that. Especially at your age. To a lot of people out there this is a sensitive subject. Not everyone agrees with it. I told my son that he’s NOT in trouble, and NO I’m not going to spank him. If anything I felt bad for his little friend. I explained that when he gets older he can make his own decisions regarding who he wants to date and/or kiss. I even told him that he can kiss girls his age now, if he wants to.

I learned a few weeks later that his friend was spanked excessively for kissing my son. I asked my child and he says his friend was spanked about 20 times. Bear in mind our children are in the same first grade class together so they tell each other EVERYTHING!

To this day I don’t even want to talk to his mother. I just don’t get it. This was a harmless kiss. Kids at this age will experiment. This is how they learn who they are and who and what they like. But the way this other mother reacted was not what I expected.

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