Kids Are Instantly Regretting Doing the Dangerous Salt and Ice Challenge

(Twitter / Phillydotcom)

What is it with kids wanting to challenge each other to do terrible and unsafe things? When I was growing up, we played truth or dare, sure. Sometimes the dare was something like do an impression of someone in your class or go say something weird to a stranger. Sometimes they were of a more embarrassing nature, like asking someone you don’t know for a kiss or mooning people out of a car or something. But most of our dares, or “challenges”, didn’t really involve harming yourself to the point of going to the hospital.

But now, in 2017, the era of Ridiculous Internet Challenges, we now have kids doing things that are just idiotic it makes me fear for my young son.

Jim Carey scared

Cue the latest craze: the Salt & Ice Challenge.

The “challenge” (a.k.a. really, really ignorant, half-baked idea) is to pour salt on yourself and then hold ice on to your skin so that your body basically gets stuck to the ice. Basically, the mixing of ice and salt on your skin results in a reaction similar to frostbite. And yes, it’s going to hurt. Possibly a lot.

Still, it’s not stopping kids from acting like low-rate fraternity pledges looking to do anything they can for a bit of peer acceptance. And so, many are doing the ridiculous stunt and then posting images of just how jacked up their skin ends up to their social media accounts. Smart? Not even close.

Anyway, it seems the challenge has been around for some time but it’s making its way around the internet again for a new set of impressionable, young kids. If you’re a parent, do yourself a favor and talk to your kids about not participating in such vapid wastes of time. No child should end up in a hospital over a silly self-harming prank like this.

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