Don’t Be Hurt If Your Kid Rejects Your Fancy Christmas Gift

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I was running on adrenaline at this point and grabbed my camera so I could take video of their reaction at the new, giant, toy in our living room. Surely, their little faces would light up and they would start playing immediately, ignoring the other gifts under the tree. I made my husband keep them in our bedroom for a moment while I got my act together and finally, we were ready. They started toddling down the hallway while I had my camera rolling. I was so excited. We got to the living room, I moved aside so they could see, and that’s the moment. The moment I realized we had wasted our time.

They gave it a glance and then asked us if they could have pancakes. They honestly could not have given less of a shit.

My husband is more realistic than I am and was not surprised at their blase reaction. Ever the good, patient, guy, he shrugged his shoulders. Filled the milk sippies and fired up the toaster. I sat glumly on the couch as I was pretty upset. They were four and two- surely they were old enough to understand that this was a great gift and they should be excited! At the time, I thought they were “big” kids and should be happy to get such an awesome present. Looking back, I see now how little they really were. Routine was the center of their world at that point and their little tummies were rumbling. Breakfast was the most important thing to them at that moment and it was not a slight toward us- just the actions of little people used to being fed at pre-appointed times. I was taking it personally, which was ridiculous in retrospect.

They got a bit more excited after they ate and played with the train table for a while. They still weren’t as happy as I assumed they would be and I nursed my wounds on the couch with a mimosa and my new tablet. It was an important parenting lesson learned. Kids might not understand or appreciate a fancy Christmas gift and in getting ready to give them something amazing, you need to be prepared for them to not have the reaction you are hoping for. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them something big that you think they will love, just adjust your expectations in case they aren’t as thrilled as you dreamed they would be. It is not malicious on their part, they are just being kids.

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