The Reason This Mom Makes Her Kids Count All Their Candy Will Make You Cry

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"My youngest daughter was five years old when she came to us via foster care. As we approached our first Halloween…

Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, October 27, 2017

That was three years ago, and Gardner and her husband have adopted the girls.

This year, Gardner was cleaning up the kitchen when her youngest daughter brought her a secret present she’d wrapped. It was a bag of candy she’d been given at a Halloween event, and she took out all her favorite pieces and wrapped them in paper to give them to her mother as a present.

“As I pulled the piece of paper off the bag, I saw these words scrawled in her sweet third grade handwriting: ‘Mom, I want to give you a taste of how much love I have for you by giving you my candy,'” she wrote. “Let that sink in for a moment. This child, who was once forced to eat empty candy wrappers, went through her bag of Halloween candy to select pieces she thought I would enjoy and then gave them to me as a gift. She didn’t choose her least favorite candies or only pick out one or two pieces to give. She filled a bag full of her very favorite pieces and gave them to me with so much earnest pride on her face that I could cry just typing these words.”

That’s the most touching thing.

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