Little Future Copy Editors Correct Celebrities’ Grammar On Twitter – Hilarity Ensues

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shutterstock_136126433__1373210778_142.196.156.251Twitter is turning us all into a bunch of morons.

Well, not really – but grammar can really go by the wayside when you are trying to form a complete thought in 140 characters. I like to proof-read my tweets and have been known to quickly delete them if I spell something wrong. Celebrities can’t be bothered with this, as some Brazilian students have learned.

Teachers at the Red Balloon school in Brazil thought of an ingenious way to teach their students English. 8 to 13-year-old students are improving their English skills by correcting their favorite celebrities’ grammar mistakes on Twitter.

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They targeted such celebrities as Rihanna, Daniel Radcliffe and Paris Hilton. The results are hilarious, but also prove a point: Justin Bieber is an idiot. Just kidding. The point is that proper grammar is hard to find on Twitter. Andrea Baenar, one of the coordinators of the school thinks this can be very damaging for children who are following their favorite celebrities:

The main point of social media is how fast it is. So by being fast, they are not really worried about their accuracy, they are more worried about the message. We have celebrities that are not really worried about the language. Concerning education, it’s really bad – because when they see their idols speaking like that, they come to us and say, ‘but this is right. He’s American. He’s using it. And it’s not the case.

This isn’t just a good excercise for children learning English, it’s a good reminder for all of us to compose tweets and other social media blurbs with our eyes open. I’m not sure if Justin Bieber is aware that what he is saying is grammatically incorrect – or if it’s just cool for young adults to speak that way these days. If I read a thread of comments on my stepdaughter’s Instagram account, by the end of it I want to poke my eyes out.

In any case, these kids are adorable.

(photo: Karen Roach/ Shutterstock)