If Your Child Is Old Enough To Talk, Let Him Pick His Own Costume

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I love dressing children up for Halloween as much as the next parent, but if they’re old enough to talk and understand what Halloween is – they should be picking their own costumes.

Everyone knows that infants are basically props come Halloween time. They don’t care if they spend an evening in an Elvis costume or a white onesie. They have no idea what’s going on. Infancy is the only time you should be using your child to make all the neighbors LOL come the neighborhood costume party.

When your child is old enough to look forward to Halloween, he should be dressing up as whatever he wants. He’ll probably choose something like this:



Kids love Batman. You know what they don’t love? Breaking Bad. What 7-year-old watches Breaking Bad?



This is arguably the best Breaking Bad costume I’ve ever seen. But come on, what’s the kid telling his friends? I’m a meth dealer for Halloween! Not cool, parents. Poor kid. Just a few years younger and you could pull it off:


(Pinterest/ Ali Martin)

Baby Walter White has no idea what’s going on here. More importantly, he doesn’t care. The point is – if your child is old enough to talk and look forward to Halloween, it’s no longer cool to make him a prop. You have a very small window to use your child for Halloween laughs – plan accordingly.