Unlike This Reader, I Would Not Freak Out If My Kid Called Someone Else ‘Mom’

brandiI received this little ragebomb in the mail and I totally had to share it with you guys because 1: I totally love you all and 2: It’s totally weird and 3: I think it’s a valid conversation to have. So without further ado, let’s delve into Eve’s Email InBox Of Weirdness â„¢:

I just have a few questions for you……1. Do you have children? 2. If yes, are you married? 3. Are you married to your child’s father? 4. If not, is he remarried, and do you co-parent with him and another woman? If you answered no to ANY of my questions then HOW DARE you call Leann mom, to Brandi and Eddies boys. She is NOT now nor will she ever be their mom!! They have a mother – She may not be the most adult or polite woman on the earth but she is their mom. Their ONLY mom! Leann is their STEP-mother, and I’m certain the kids do NOT call her step-mother when speaking to or about her. They refer to her as Leann. When they speak to or about Brandi I’m quite certain they call and refer to HER as mom or mommy!! Please!!!!! Don’t ever make at STUPID mistake again!! And NO I do NOT know Brandi.

So a reader is REALLY ANGRY that I may have referred to the children of Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian as “LeAnn‘s Boys.” Like, really angry. As in DON’T EVER MAKE THAT STUPID MISTAKE again angry. I’m not sure where exactly I said that, and I have been sorta scouring all the articles I have written about LeAnn and Brandi, and I still can’t find anything, but whatever – this reader is really angry.

To answer all of her questions (!!!!!!!) yeah, I got children, I got plenty, I got four children, three bio kids and a bonus kid. Next question, YES I AM MARRIED!!!111!!!!!! (I feel like all of this deserves a whole mess of like, rage-y punctuation.) Am I married to my child’s father? Well, which kid? Some yes, one of them I had with my previous husband. My ex-husband is not re-married but he is in a relationship now and has previous long term relationships. He is not currently married, but my son has spent time with his current and previous partners. I don’t think he has ever called any of them “mom” but ya know what? If he did, I so would NOT care!

Here’s the deal, Dear Super Angry Reader: I know my kids all love me. I know they love me terribly. We all get along fabulously (for now, because I only have two teens, and we all know teenagers can go through phases where they don’t dig their parents so much) and if they were ever around another adult female person who was kind to them and cared for them and loved them then I would in no way be bothered if they called her MOM. I am their mom, I have the stretch marks to prove it, and I will always be their mom, but as far as I’m concerned , the more humans my kids have in their lives who they are close to and have good relationships, the better. I’m not threatened by what my kids call other people. I’m not threatened with how my kids feel about other people. I want them to love and be loved as much as possible in this life. If they make the decision to call someone else mom, or if they are spending time with another adult female and they accidentally call her “Mom” this is not a tragedy to me , or something I would freak out over.

I have a step-son. I did not give birth to him. He loves his biological mom with all of his heart, he usually calls me by my first name, but on occasion he has called me “Mom.” Whether by accident or because I was making him his favorite meal of extra fancy Sloppy Joes, I don’t know, but I have never dropped a plate and stopped what I was doing and corrected him and said “I am your STEP-MOTHER!” He knows I did not give birth to him, he knows he does not live with me full-time, he knows he has a mom who loves him beyond life and that is HIS MOM. I have never called myself MOM to him and when we speak about his own mom we refer to her as MOM.  I introduce myself as his stepmother. I have referred to him and his half-brothers as “my boys.” And the world did not end.

So yes, Dear Super Angry Reader, there are many emotions and sticky politics in this business of being parents and step-parents and having kids and step-kids and bonus kids and kids who you are in no way related to who come over to your house to spend the night and also eat fancy Sloppy Joe‘s who have on occasion, called me MOM. I’m sure my kids have on occasion called another human female “mom” because it was an accident or they really like her. The world did not end. If this is a stupid mistake, I will continue making it and I’m sure many moms out there will do the same thing. I even have people who read Mommyish who call me MOM. So shut up and eat a damn fancy Sloppy Joe. There are much bigger issues in the world to worry about then the fact Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes need to get their co-parenting shit together.

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