I’m Throwing Money At My Daughter Because Her Birthday Will Be Ruined

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kids birthday party I’m one of those parents who doesn’t have a birthday party for my kids every year. We do that thing where we only have a party where we invite kids every other year, and this year my daughter is supposed to have a party where she can invite classmates and friends. But due to my houseguest, this is just not a great time to be hosting a bunch of kids at my house, and the weather is so unpredictable here in the fall that having a party in the yard may not be the best plan either. We could rent out at play place or bowing alley or something, but those places are expensive! Had I known that hosting a party at our house is a bad idea at this time, I would have squirreled away cash in order to have her celebration at one of those germ factories. Yes, we could take a few friends to a movie but my daughter is one of those kids who can’t leave anyone out, and choosing who to invite would surely end up with hurt feelings amongst her running crew. I just can’t haul a dozen kids to a matinee.

I have guilt and her birthday isn’t even for another week. We discussed this with her, and we have made plans to take her out for breakfast and then for a day of shopping (I plan on buying her a few gifts and then giving her cash so she can buy whatever sparkle baubles she wants to at Claire’s or something), and then I will make her favorite dinner and we will have cake and ice cream. It will be a lovely day and she will feel special and all of that good stuff, but I can’t help feeling guilty that she doesn’t get a proper party this year.

My kid doesn’t complain (Unlike her mother, who wanted to complain to my family, which is YOU guys) , she was a bit disappointed but she is looking forward to her day. It’s not like she had some tantrum or cried over not having a party. But I’m having my own little inner tantrum because I was looking forward to hosting and decorating and all of the photo ops! We will make treat bags for all of her classmates so she can bring those in the day before, and she is excited about that, but it’s just not the same.

I suppose I could always have a real party for her, when the situation here is sorted (cough) but that won’t be for many a month. I was asked by my (ummmm) houseguest if we were planning a party for my daughter and I said no. What I felt like saying is:

No, we are not, because you are here, and it isn’t worth the drama having a house full of kids will cause. You don’t even like my children, I can’t imagine how cranky you would behave with a house-full of kids you don’t even know. I don’t need to listen to your criticisms or hear your sighing or deal with you frowning or pitching a tantrum over this. 

But I bit my tongue, so I get karma points right?

Next year will be better, it has to be.

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