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From The Land Of Reddit – ‘Slapping’ Parents Who Dress Their Kids Scary On Halloween

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Let’s go in the wayback machine to a few weeks ago when we were all getting ready to celebrate Halloween! There was a lot of discussion over what costumes were appropriate or inappropriate for kids to dress up in, and now this friend of a Reddit user has come up with a novel approach to dealing with all you parents out there who dressed your kids up as zombies or other scary things: slapping. Slap them all!

The image that got this friend of this Reddit user all in the slapping spirit was a teensy little sprite dressed as the Chucky character from the Child’s Play movies, and the comment posted was this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 5.56.28 AM


Here is the child in question:



Besides the fact that this kid is totally adorable, and I love her little scary face, it’s just so silly. I don’t think this child is “perpetuating extreme violence.” She probably won’t even really remember this, and I doubt this is going to make her grow up to be a knife wielding maniac who goes around killing people.

I’m not crazy about costumes that involve props like this, mainly because kids should be focused on lugging their candy around and maybe a flashlight, and I think getting all furious with parents about this is totally idiotic. Has this slapper suggester even had kids ever? I’m sorry, but parents devote EVERYTHING to their kids, between the changing them and feeding them and playing ponies with them for hours nonstop, and if a parent wants to dress their kids up scary for Halloween it’s their right. Some of the comments on the thread are pretty epic:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 6.04.16 AM


Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 6.05.27 AM

Parents who take the time to dress up their kids as horror movie villains are not the problem with the USA, it’s the parents who don’t dress their kids up, who lie on the couch, having spent all the milk money on the drugs, and who then beat their kids when they ask for a snack. That’s what contributes to the culture of violence in the USA. Or adults who want to “slap” other parents for what they dress their kids up in.

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